Welcome to my journey around the world with my beautiful family. For the last ten years we been traveling all over the World and United States here is some of my great experiences. First is my trip to Egypt it has been on my bucket list for years i finally took my trip of a lifetime . Many people warned about the safety in Egypt and i felt more safe there than I have in some places in United States. The hospitality was amazing. As for traveling with kids look at my son in the pool safe to safe he enjoyed himself.  Food was affordable. My tour guide is listed below. Top Places you must go when in Egypt-

  • Pyramids especially inside the pyramids
  • The great Sphinx
  • Khan El Khali  for all my shoppers to get everything from jewelry, spices, to souvenirs.
  • The Egyptian Museum was one of my kids favorite.
  • Luxury Hotel Intercontinental Cairo Citystars was very kid friendly and has everything you need at your fingertips. Conveniently located next to Cairo biggest mall the City Star mall.
  • For the best tour guide in Egypt you wont be disappointed. They treated us like family.

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